Neglected Women’s Diseases™

Neglected Women’s Diseases

Our Mission is to treat or refer all women at no charge and with abiding compassion from our seasoned Clinical Teams.
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Our Goal

Each of our Health Professionals strives to relieve suffering and cure illness by medical and surgical intervention.

Neglected Women’s Diseases™
About Us

We’re a We’re a charitable trust and an NGO

We blend compassion with collective action to inspire resilience and revive confidence in the most vulnerable women and girls. Healing begins when voices are heard and resources are offered to all equally.
For 7500 patients seen in our 60 Outreach Camps we introduce hope where despair once reigned.

Our Dedication

Solutions to help women with Neglected Diseases

We dedicate ourselves to using the latest technology to diagnose problems and screen for occult disease.

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Join Our Noble Mission to Improve the World

Your $25 monthly donation can give 12 women an opportunity for early cervical cancer screening.

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