Neglected Women’s Diseases™

Mr. and Miss MWK sign Mou with DMAT to be brand ambassadors

DeckerMed Atica Trust has been operating free Medical Camps for the most vulnerable Kenyans for three years. We are at home administering quality health care to thousands in remote villages and urban slums. We evolved the concept of Neglected Women’s Diseases™ as .2/3 of our patients were women with fibroids, prolapse, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary infection, breast disease, and fistula. We treat or refer to one of our partners. All women receive gratis care. We also manage comorbid conditions from otitis to conjunctivitis to vision disorder to hernia to clubfoot.

The demand for our compassionate, comprehensive professional care is whelming, so we are planning to expand our program tenfold in the next three years. An essential part of this ambitious plan is heightening awareness in indigent and underserved communities

Thus we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Miss World Kenya to promote our brand and mobilize communities. For 22 years MWK has promoted Beauty with a Purpose as its mission to encourage, mentor and support young Kenyan women. The organization has made its mark on the world stage as its crown holders have placed high in the annual pageant which is second only to the Olympics in television viewership.