Neglected Women’s Diseases™

Embu County to announce its 2024 outreach camps for NWD™

DeckerMed Africa Trust hosted a meeting in Embu Town to reveal details of its new Outreach Camps devoted to Neglected Women’s Diseases™ on Sunday 21 st January 2024. The meeting for the launch of Neglected Women’s diseases™ was well attended and represented by major stakeholders including county government representatives for Meru, Embu and Tharaka-Nithi County.

The main agenda was to review ongoing efforts to assess, treat and refer women and girls with a wide variety of diseases, we focused on two initiatives, namely Cancer Screening and Clitoral Revision Surgery for women who have undergone Female Gender Mutilation. The session featured the world’s most experienced Cervical Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Adan A Abdullahi from Nairobi. His presentation on FGM included sociocultural, stigma, classification, surgery and postop course of this heinous practice. Dr Adan addressed patient selection, pre-op counseling, surgical strategy, outcomes, and rehabilitation.

Anne Wambui, Program Director for Mama Doing Good, also made a presentation and spoke largely about the works of Mama Doing Good and their willingness to support bottom-up health initiatives for disenfranchised women. DeckerMed Africa Trust and Mama Doing Good will work together to screen 1 million women in Kenya. We had a representative for fit for the future. He expressed his interest in working with DeckerMed Africa Trust in an effort to create new cultural norms to support Clitoral Revision Surgery for women who have undergone FGM

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